After some years spent living in the North of Argentina where I took many pictures of street writings such as graffiti, stencils as well as logos, neon lights, symbols. Any graphic expressions that transmit information.
With these photos I make collage. The final picture mirrors an idea, a specific moment, symbolic of the society the writings come from.
When someone takes a walk, at the best he will come across a nice word, a lovely phrase but most of the time he will only see tags, swearwords and a few love declarations. The collages allow a concentration of the most creative, poetic, comical or unusual messages that I gather according to themes.
Scribbled words, drawings daubed with paint on the walls of public spaces reflect popular, rebel, protesting and political or even philosophical thinking.
Today we can add a strong notion of identity illustrated by what are called tags. In a world where anonymity takes over, people need to impose their name or their signature to prove their own existence in a repetitive way. Imposing oneself.
Like music, graffiti may be compared to a universal language with it’s local specificities. It is interesting to note that in Buenos Aires as much as in Paris walls are covered with animals just as if the need to reconcile with nature became vital in these megalopolis.
Whether issued from a rural culture or from an urban culture, the messages add, complete and enrich one another.
Graffiti are living testimonials that reveal many original aspects of the societies that generate them.
The Vox Populi says it: “ If media belong to you, walls are ours”. Finally, I could not conclude without thanking all the anonymous artists-writers whose talent, originality and imagination have inspired me to realize these photo-collages. © Evelyne Chevallier


instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evelyne_chevallier/

other blog: http://evelyne-chevallier.tumblr.com



Evelyne Chevallier’s Photo Collages Of A Graffitied World

http://issuu.com/museemagazine/docs/musee_edition_11_final (pp34-35)

https://issuu.com/museemagazine/docs/musee_edition_12_final_to_publish (pp74-75)



2015: Centro Cultural Hector Tizón, San Salvador de Jujuy, Argentina

2014: Gallery by DM, Coutainville, France
2014: Artist Residence at Le Cabinet, Montreal, Canada
2014: Group Exhibition Château du Rivau, Le Coudray, Lémeré, France
2014: Gallery Be.A, Deauville, France

2014: Jose Antonio Terry Museum, Tilcara, Argentina
2013: Cultural Center Borelli, Salta, Argentina
2012: Kitai Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2012: Gallery Mitra, Buenos Aires, Argentina



Deauville Show 2014

Deauville Show 2014

Tokyo, Japan 2012

Tokyo, Japan 2012

10 thoughts on “ENGLISH

  1. Thank you so much Adam, all this photo-collage work is a lot of work, it takes hours chasing the graffiti on the streets then other hours to make the collage but I have to say so rewarding when people like you like them and takes the time to say it !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have to say; I so enjoyed looking at your collages. they are wonderful. thanks for sharig them with us. Warm Regards, Adam


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