Another one of those lonely outstanding landscapes from Wild West Argentina.


And I cannot go without mentioning that sometimes someone(s)  like your work enough to repost! Thank you to @decideart on #instagram #decideart

Evelyne Chevallier was born in France and studied Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at the University of Paris X-Nanterre. In 2010 she travelled to Northern Argentina, where she decided to live part of her time there. It is altogether, her new life, her fascination for this wild nature of the Andes, her permanent curiosity and – of course – being lonely in this desert after so many years in Paris, that forced her to find a way out. She took many pictures of the surrounding landscapes plus signs of the local culture as street writings, symbols and signs and … that is how she started the photo-collages. Using the collage technique is like adding concentration of the surrounding culture wherever her pictures come from.. If you are interested buying some of these works please PM decideART. #evelynechevallier #collage #art #artcollector #investinartists #collectart

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