Each week I’m waiting for the photo challenge with a bit of excitement mixed with a little anxiety. Wondering if one among my collages will fit the topic. As I never had, so far, to make a new one just for the challenge. Today I sum up 280 in my files, so the choice is comfortable… for sometime at least.

Anyway, this morning when I discovered the topic, there was no hesitation. I knew right away my alley in Montreal would perfectly correspond. Doesn’t it?

Graffitied caption says: LA LIBERTE DES AUTRES POUSSE LA MIENNE A L’INFINI / OTHER’S FREEDOM ENCOURAGES MINE INFINITELY… Words also found in Montreal. I think they are great. They remind me the philosophical lesson of Kant’s universal ethics.

The construction of this collage is like a layer cake. The black and white man’s face was there, I just had to emphasize the contrast. The hopscotch was imported, just as the ballerina and bottom right 1950’s style car … it passed in front of me so fast I could just take this one shot of it!

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